Solid Walnut Live-edge Floating Shelf Kit


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ZIMMER Live-edge Black Walnut Floating Shelves feature rustic imperfections like knots, splits and a beautiful natural edge. Black Walnut’s sapwood is creamy white, while its heartwood is brown to dark chocolate brown, occasionally with a purplish cast and darker streaks. The wood is generally straight-grained; sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces an attractive and decorative figure. Combine beautiful grain patterns, rich brown color tones with the interesting live-edge to create a one of a kind natural element.

We offer standard sizes 30” and 48” wide with a shelf depth of 10” to 13” (live-edge “edges are irregular causing shelf depths to vary) – 2 inch thickness. Shelves are not stained and retain the natural color tones and character black walnut is known for. With our live-edge shelf, each one is unique and different. We subtly sand edges and surfaces smooth but allow imperfections to remain keeping the rustic character. Each shelf is routed and fitted to its steel wall bracket. Our shelves receive a sprayed catalyzed varnish providing a durable satin smooth finish. This shelf kit includes a steel wall mounting bracket with fastening hardware.

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30", 48"

What's Inside the Kit?

  1. Solid Ash, Cherry or Walnut Shelf.
  2. Shelf is routed and drilled to fit the accompanying steel wall bracket.
  3. Heavy-Duty Cold-rolled Steel Floating Shelf Wall Bracket with wood screws.

Floating Shelf BracketAll of our shelves are made of solid Pennsylvania Hardwood sawn from our logs and finished here in Lancaster County by our skilled craftsmen. Our Live-edge shelves have natural imperfections such as splits, and knots that add character.

Learn more about the wood & Installation

Click here to download our complete guide on installation and more details on the wood used to create your beautiful floating shelf.