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Getting the Most Out of Our Furniture

We create hardwood accent furniture … that’s what we do. For us, hardwood accent furniture includes any style of solid wood furniture that has a rustic wood element. That element comes from a unique piece of wood that exudes figure and character – knots, splits and extraordinary grain patterns. We like to use this element so that it becomes the dominant feature in the design.  We favor a minimalist, simple style – from Shaker to Free Form.

The goal of every piece of ZIMMER Furniture is that it goes beyond mere functionality. The Conestoga Coffee Table shown here demonstrates how accent furniture works; it stands out because it compliments a room’s décor. The richness of the walnut live-edge table top complements the leather seating while the black Shaker base provides contrast with the neutral colors of the rug. This simple Shaker style live-edge piece fits in with many décor styles, from mid-century to farmhouse. Obviously, we are interested in our designs’ decorative value but above all other considerations, it must be made solidly. Shown here is the Alleghany Big Iron Maple Live-Edge Table – this individual table measured 11’ long with a minimum width of 38 “ / maximum 54”.

The Big Iron is very rustic and has a colonial style heavy base – created to be the dominant piece of furniture in its space. This is a heavy, substantial table. The Simple Windsor Side and two Arm Chairs painted black complement this table well. On the other end of the style spectrum is the Conestoga Walnut Live-Edge Table with its beautiful book-matched walnut top and elegant Shaker base. When we first made this table I was a little skeptical with its look, but after a little time it grew on me and today has become one of my favorites – a little rustic, blended with a sophistication. This table style adds unique one of a kind decorative value.

Benches are another type of accent piece that add interest and usefulness to almost any space. Benches are used almost anywhere – the foyer, hall, kitchen or gathering area.  Our Windsor Live-Edge Lowback Settee design is a unique culmination of traditional style, contrasting color, and rustic charm. We keep the style simple with bamboo style turned legs with catcher. The spindles are simple with eye-catching walnut wedged tenon joinery. The beautiful scalloped walnut live-edge seat is the pieces’ rustic wood element, its luxurious richness with contrasting walnut and ash create an excellent and interesting color contrast. A bench like this was born for a Colorado mountain home, an equestrian center, or any room with hardwood floors.

With ZIMMER Furniture, unless you purchase an available piece, your furniture is made specifically for you. Made to order gives you options that include your choice of how rustic your furniture will be. You can choose paint or stain color. Most of our furniture is available in different sizes and wood species. With a little collaboration, together we can create a unique piece of hardwood accent furniture that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, and then pass it on.