Design & Style

Bring the natural beauty of figured wood into your space.

There aren’t many things as beautiful or as natural in appearance as a heavily figured piece of wood. Much of this awesome wood is actually salvaged from old trees that were removed for one reason or another and too large for typical lumber mills. Depending on the species of tree, this wood can be full of knots, splits, and amazing grain patterns with rich color tones. ZIMMER takes this beautiful wood and builds it into simple furniture styles like an eye-catching table or one of a kind bench that accentuates a rooms existing décor.

From a flat in New York City to a sprawling Mountain Home in Whitefish, Montana, a piece of ZIMMER Furniture brings a natural element into any space.

We design and make solid hardwood Accent Furniture – Occasional Tables, Dining Tables, and Benches.

We favor no specific furniture style other than one that is simple, perhaps minimalist, so not to compete with the figured wood component of the furniture pieces because this is the intended highlight of our furniture. Whether you choose a rustic style or perhaps a more sophisticated elegant design, there is something for every taste and space.