Discover ZIMMER

ZIMMER Furniture is a subsidiary of Inc. and located in beautiful Southeastern Pennsylvania. My wife Cathy and I own and operate both businesses.

Through the years we commissioned several pieces of furniture for our own use and after doing so we realized just how special these pieces became to us. Not only were these pieces unique and eye-catching but there was a personal connection to them because we had a hand in creating them. This inspired us to create ZIMMER Furniture.

After a career change in 2013, I decided to assist Cathy with her business Treasured Country Gifts. Somewhere between sweeping the floor and running errands, I realized how much I enjoyed creating unique pieces of furniture for our home. One day I was picking up rough cut lumber from a local lumber mill and noticed thick walnut flitches/wood slabs that were 10’ long and very impressive looking. I ended up purchasing one.

With the walnut wood slab in the bed of my truck, I visited the Master Furniture Maker that I had worked with previously. Together we created our first “Live-edge” occasional tables – the same pieces that can be found in my living room today. This live-edge walnut flitch introduced me to heavily figured wood and was the inspiration for the ZIMMER Furniture we make today.

The ZIMMER Furniture focus is clear: create interesting and useful furniture using heavily figured, rustic wood. Our customers have the opportunity to collaborate with us when creating beautiful and unique pieces of hardwood furniture. We are extremely passionate about creating high quality, eye-catching, and functional pieces of hardwood furniture that our customers will use and enjoy for generations.