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The Wood: A Salvaged Resource

wood a salvaged resource

Thick, rustic hardwood slabs tell the life story of a tree – the more imperfections, the more beautiful and interesting the wood. Working with this wood is my passion, and the very reason I chose to pursue creating specialty hardwood furniture. I love every step in the process: my search for great logs, and the milling of those logs, the moment when the logs’ heartwood is revealed.

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Getting the Most Out of Our Furniture

We create hardwood accent furniture … that’s what we do. For us, hardwood accent furniture includes any style of solid wood furniture that has a rustic wood element. That element comes from a unique piece of wood that exudes figure and character – knots, splits and extraordinary grain patterns. We like to use this element so that it becomes the dominant feature in the design.  We favor a minimalist, simple style – from Shaker to Free Form.

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Why I Love Benches

Zimmer Furniture Shoemakers Bench

Benches with arms, spindles, and legs are complicated pieces of furniture compared to, say, a table. Benches serve many purposes; regularly intended to be shared by two people They also serve as workstations such as this interesting Shoemakers Bench. This Shaker example of a Shoemakers Bench is an example of luxury and is not just a simple ordinary workbench. Many of these benches had nothing more than trays attached to the seat and perhaps a drawer underneath for storing tools. The Showmakers Bench shown here exemplifies human ingenuity!

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