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The Wood: A Salvaged Resource

wood a salvaged resource

Thick, rustic hardwood slabs tell the life story of a tree – the more imperfections, the more beautiful and interesting the wood. Working with this wood is my passion, and the very reason I chose to pursue creating specialty hardwood furniture. I love every step in the process: my search for great logs, and the milling of those logs, the moment when the logs’ heartwood is revealed.

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Getting the Most Out of Our Furniture

We create hardwood accent furniture … that’s what we do. For us, hardwood accent furniture includes any style of solid wood furniture that has a rustic wood element. That element comes from a unique piece of wood that exudes figure and character – knots, splits and extraordinary grain patterns. We like to use this element so that it becomes the dominant feature in the design.  We favor a minimalist, simple style – from Shaker to Free Form.

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Why I Love Benches

Zimmer Furniture Shoemakers Bench

Benches with arms, spindles, and legs are complicated pieces of furniture compared to, say, a table. Benches serve many purposes; regularly intended to be shared by two people They also serve as workstations such as this interesting Shoemakers Bench. This Shaker example of a Shoemakers Bench is an example of luxury and is not just a simple ordinary workbench. Many of these benches had nothing more than trays attached to the seat and perhaps a drawer underneath for storing tools. The Showmakers Bench shown here exemplifies human ingenuity!

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The Spirit of a Tree

Zimmer Furniture grain crosscut

At a young age, many of us are fortunate to be exposed to nature and natural things. I don’t remember the exact moment, but I do know that seeing a cross-cut slab for the first time. It left quite an impression on me. I can remember counting all of those thin squiggly lines and being amazed that each one represented a year in that tree’s life. The Outer Bark is like a protective skin of a tree, and the Sapwood which carries moisture and nutrients from the roots to its leaves is living tissue, then there’s the Heartwood that is the bulk of the tree, essentially dead cells no longer supporting life in the tree. And like an adolescent, Early Growth is typically the fastest growth period of the trees life; it’s the tree’s youth, while the Pith is the beginning of the trees life from when it was a seeding.

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